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#1 PC multimedia package

#1 PC multimedia package.
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Hard Disk:
Network Card:
Price: $1,200.00

78 rpm Handcranked Octagonal Gramophone Brass Horn

78 rpm Handcranked Octagonal Gramophone Brass Horn.
'His Masters Voice' This is a 1900's HMV hand crank wind up victrola gramophone turntable. It is composed of parts made in India. The motor the cabinet and Brass horn are made in New Delhi India. This machine is a rare Octagonal table model. It is about 22 " tall. The cabinet is made of solid wood highly polished. This player makes beautiful music with your old 78's. It has a volume and tone that you will be pleased with.
Price: $375.00

Brass Hunting Horn Round Bugle

Brass Hunting Horn Round Bugle.
New Brass curved round Bugle Horn, 4 1/2" bell includes mouthpiece, all brass construction. Hunting horn very popular in England and Germany, 'run with the hounds'.
Price: $124.99

Brass Tabla Indian Percussion Drums

Brass Tabla Indian Percussion Drums.
This brand new Brass Tabla Set is handcrafted in India. The right-hand drum (dayan) gives the treble sound is made from teakwood and is 5 in daiameter, while the left-hand drum (bayan) gives the deeper bass sound and is made from brass with a beautiful silver color plating so that it does not tarnish it is 9 in diameter. Part of the classical Indian ensemble (along with the Sitar and Tanpura), the tabla is the primary drum for both classical and popular music of northern India. Cushion color and color of the tabla covers may vary from the picture. Includes tuning hammer, tabla cushions and tabla covers to cover the skins when not in use. Also included is a nice protective carrying case with handle
Price: $375.00

Cheap Test Product

Cheap Test Product.
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Price: $0.01

Military Bugle Civil War Bugle Copper construction with mouthpiece

Military Bugle Civil War Bugle Copper construction with mouthpiece.
New regulation Military Bugle, Civil War Bugle, copper construction includes mouthpiece, 11" long with a 4" diameter bell.
Price: $75.00

New Brass Bb Cornet with Case

New Brass Bb Cornet with Case.
New Bb CORNET, made of solid Brass this Cornet musical instrument is 13 1/2" long with a 4 3/4" diameter bell and slide adjusters at the 1st and 3rd valve, a mouthpiece is included. Brass Cornet trumpet has the typical shepherds crook like the classic musical instrument. A hard case is provided free.
Price: $175.00

New Brass Bb Euphonium with Mouthpiece and Case

New Brass Bb Euphonium with Mouthpiece and Case.
New all Brass Bb EUPHONIUM 23"(60cm) long and a 10"(26cm) diameter bell and 3 valves. Solid brass Euphonium with free mouthpiece and hardcase.
Price: $325.00

New Brass Boy Scout Trumpet Bugle with mouthpiece

New Brass Boy Scout Trumpet Bugle with mouthpiece.
Brand new Brass Scouts Trumpet Bugle Length 19 1/2", Bell diameter 4 3/4". Great for your kid when he joins the drum and bugle corps.
Price: $99.99

New Brass Deluxe Bb Trumpet with Mouthpiece and Hardcase

New Brass Deluxe Bb Trumpet with Mouthpiece and Hardcase.
New Brass Deluxe Bb TRUMPET 22"(56cm) long with a 5"(12.5cm) diameter bell with free 7C mouthpiece and hardcase. This brass trumpet is made from high quality virgin brass sheet for good tonal quality and is assembled by highly experienced technicians.
Price: $175.00

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